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Mongolia Charity Rally 2009

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An ambulance for Mongolia

Welcome to the homepage of the rallyteam Pommes-Express. As the only German team we took part at the Mongolia Charity Rally 2009 - starting at the 10th of July 2009 - to donate our vehicle in Mongolia for charity

Mongolia Charity Rally leads for 14.000 km from Europe across Central Asia to Mongolia. At the end of the trip the vehicle was donated to the NGO Go Help which cares for an appropriate later user that is really in need for an ambulance. In the same time the teams collect money for the childrens charity Save The Children which also runs charity projects in Mongolia. By the way: The Mongolia Charity Rally is totally different from the also known Mongol Rally which has got a commercial background and where the vehicles are close to junk status.
The official launch was on July 11th 2009 in London, we started from Germany and had scheduled four weeks for the trip - four exhausting weeks with breakdowns, uncountable mosquito bites, corrupt officials and a lack of sleep.  Why are we doing this? On the one hand it is fun - as we experienced on our first trip to Africa. Nevertheless, it is a good feeling to spend your vacation and your money for something reasonable.

The rest is in german language - sorry...!